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Dwelling in the Passage: Currents that Were + Weave a Way Through
Sara O’Brien

Dwelling in the Passage: Currents that Were + Weave a Way Through is a text written for CCA Annex in tandem with and as a response to Ailbhe Ní Bhriain’s recent exhibition at the CCA, An Experiment with Time, Sat 5 February — Sat 19 March 2022.

Artist talk with Annalee Davis and Amanda Thomson

To coincide with the exhibition lightly, tendrils the artists Annalee Davis and Amanda Thomson will be in conversation with associate curator Alaya Ang. This conversation is an invitation to not only stop and look at what is before us, but to take the time to be with the artists to create insights born out of open-ended questions and discussion.

A TV placed on the floor, the screen shows an image of grass and a blue flower, there is wall in the background with an abstract projection partly shown

A Breath to Follow | Part One

[Click here for live English language version]   Part One – Periferia Segue Sangrando (Periphery Keeps Bleeding) and Carni - Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena (Black and Indigenous Art Collective) Vancouver 10:00 - 13:00 / São Paulo 14:00 - 17:00 / Glasgow 17:00 - 20:00 Two days of online discussions and artists presentations exploring the cosmological, decolonial, sensorial practises of Black and Indigenous grass roots art, dance and music collectives in Brazil.

A gathering of people in a dark room, dancing and socialising, everyone forms a rough circle around the edges of the room, in the centre of the room on the floor, spot-lit is a colourful circular art work by Angelo Fabio.

A Breath to Follow | Part Two

[Click here for live English language version]   Part Two – Turmalina and Chama Vancouver 10:00 - 13:00 / São Paulo 14:00 - 17:00 / Glasgow 18:00 - 21:00 Two days of online discussions and artists presentations exploring the cosmological, decolonial, sensorial practises of Black and Indigenous grass roots art, dance and music collectives in Brazil.

A composite black and white photograph showing three figures. The person on the left is looking away from the camera with their eyes closed, lips pursed and hand held up to their ear as if to demonstrate listening. The person in the middle gazes off to one side, mouth slightly open, perhaps speaking, the person on the left looks directly and intensely into the camera, there is a dark liquid dripping across one eye and down their face.

Unmuted Cave
Sooun Kim

Unmuted Cave available here via CCA Annex was originally exhibited as part of Sooun Kim and Wei Zhang’s Intermedia Gallery exhibition that ran from 19 August — 17 September 2021. Wei Zhang’s The Avulsed Rabbit, 2021 is also available on CCA Annex.

The Avulsed Rabbit
Wei Zhang

The Avulsed Rabbit available here via CCA Annex was originally exhibited as part of Sooun Kim and Wei Zhang’s Intermedia Gallery exhibition that ran from 19 August — 17 September 2021. Sooun Kim’s Unmuted Cave, 2021 is also available on CCA Annex.

The Genome Chronicles Q&A with Celine

As part of the Donald Rodney exhibition at Celine during Glasgow International 2021, we presented a screening of John Akomfrah’s film The Genome Chronicles (2009). This was followed by a live discussion and Q&A about both the film, and the life and work of Donald Rodney.

5 people, Alberta Whittle, Trevor Mathison, Mike Phillips, Ian Sergeant and Keith Piper participating on a zoom call
Art Writing Essay Film Moving Image Online Exhibition Performance

AfterBUTT, 2018, Ian Giles & I’m No Longer Listening, 2021 Conner Milliken & Cameron Howard

Glasgow Seed School: Seed Stories, Fugitive Ecologies

How do stories evolve with seeds? How are they kept? How do they resist capture? Seeds are deeply entangled with the stories of our bodies, migrations, ecologies and resistances. Their histories trace instances of human adaptation, survival and creativity.

Winnie Herbstein and Joey Simons in conversation with Cathy McCormack

Continuing our dialogue with Winnie Herbstein following her film and exhibition project Dampbusters that featured in the CCA gallery spaces Fri 6 August — Sat 4 September 2021, we hosted a live online-only conversation on CCA Annex at 6.30pm, 19 January 2022 between Winnie, Cathy McCormack and Joey Simons.

From Here a Home Was Imagined: Part 2

Reality Fragments 160921, 2018, Qigemu, & interview with the artists

Annex Announcement

Call for proposals

CCA Annex launched in spring this year as a new online project space for the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow; a digital extension to the physical gallery spaces in our Sauchiehall Street building, drawing upon the different strands of CCA’s programme and for new online-only projects.

Radio Show

Message in the Music

CCA and Subcity Radio presents Message in the Music: Christian Noelle Charles with Zakia Sewell that was originally broadcast live at 15:00 on 25th October 2021 on As part of Black History Month 2021, Zakia and Christian share songs that have influenced them and some musical references that relate to Christian's recent solo show at the CCA, Reflective Jester: It's Just A Feeling that ran between Fri 17 September — Sat 16 October 2021.

Conversation Film Performance

Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum (Screening), Treble Heaven (Performance) + Q&A

CCA Glasgow and Ignota Hosts Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva for a screening of and discussion about their new film Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum with James Goodwin. Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum will be accompanied by a performance of Treble Heaven by Nisha Ramayya and MJ Harding.

Game Online

Leaving Biosphere 2
Holly White

Leaving Biosphere 2 is a new computer game and publication by Holly White, exploring community, growing vegetables and utopias.

Online Exhibition

Indigenous peoples experience and react to change in diverse ways. Climate change is no exception, as it requires local communities to be more resilient, and not just simply adapt to the changing environmental circumstances. Experts and people from communities

Interview Online Exhibition

Our People, Our Climate

Our People, Our Climate is a ground-breaking documentary film initiative, aiming to develop the storytelling skills of Nunavut youth and young adults. Inuit communities across Canada's Arctic are essential to current climate change discussions, and this project brings together a range of young people in these communities to tell important stories through a unique and distinct cultural lens.

A man looks out over a snowy landscape with a line of glaciers in the distance, outlined by a clear blue sky. He stands on the edge of a roadway, the ground textured with tire tracks.
A closeup of a traditional Inuit oil lamp. The lamp’s flame burns across the middle of the image as three people sit in the background
An ice-covered road in the middle of a street lined with houses and cars against a backdrop of snow. Kids are walking down the roadway and one of them is playing with a hockey stick.
Inside of a community space, a group of fifteen people gather to learn how to skin a seal. Two skins are laid out, pink flesh facing upwards as instructors demonstrate the technique
A man rides a Sea-Doo on rippling water, a spray of droplets rising from the back of the vehicle. The sea and sky are divided by a line of mountains, which look deep blue in the light

Olaf Kuhlke Interview

Carmen Barrieau Interview , Carmen Barrieau

Alec Johnson Interview

Anna Irwin Interview , Anna Irwin

Arctic Youth Visualizing Climate Change

Our People, Our Climate – Film

The Need to be Cold

A conversation and artistic intervention on the effects of global warming that threaten the livelihood of Indigenous peoples in the arctic region. For this panel the Goethe-Institut invites experts to discuss ‘Green Colonialism’ and Indigenous self-determination in the North.

a film still from Luke Fowler's film Patrick, showing a black and white portrait of Patrick Cowley in a newspaper. A fold in the newspaper cuts horizontally across Cowley's face, emphasising his eyes.
Art Writing Film Moving Image

Patrick, 2020, Luke Fowler & Collective Hum, B.O.S.S, 2019 + writing by Martha Adonai Williams  

Art Writing Film

rage and desire | part 1
Harvey Dimond Ruppert Gabriel

A programme of video and newly commissioned texts that will unfold over the coming weeks and months. Part 1 offered a tribute and reflection: the film after which this series was named, Ruppert Gabriel's Rage and Desire (1991) and ecstatic tendencies written by Harvey Dimond.

A still from the film rage and desire, the image is of medium quality, slightly blurred and hazy. Two black men in grey leotards pose athletically. They are contemporary dancers mid routine. They are in a dark room, their bodies and the surrounding floor illuminated by spotlight. Their legs are stretched into a lunge and they both lean backwards in unison. The body of the dancer in the foreground partially obstructs his partner, as if they are one being with four legs, two heads and four arms. Both right arms are stretched towards the floor and their left hands are clasped together.

That place you go to play, out of the way

Welcome to the launch of Holly White’s new publication and computer game about community, growing vegetables and utopias. Weaving together speculative narratives and historical accounts, Leaving Biosphere 2 is a role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic future.

Activist Films — Cathy McCormack

Cathy McCormack is a housing and anti-poverty activist from Easthall in Easterhouse. A pivotal figure within her community, Cathy fought to raise awareness around the relationship of poor quality housing to the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants.

War Without Bullets , Cathy McCormack

Evening Calls , Cathy McCormack

Glasgow Seed School: Seeds are our living relatives

Seeds are a vital part of the food sovereignty movement around the world. As well as securing healthy nourishment, seed keeping helps to sustain indigenous culture, language and stories. Over several years, Elizabeth Hoover has visited Native American farm communities and seed saving projects, documenting efforts to rebuild and maintain traditional food systems.

Damp­busters (1990)

The play responds to what residents saw as their own ‘culture’, the penicillium and aspergillum moulds growing on the walls of their flats, the play toured greater Glasgow to raise awareness of the health risks inherent in damp housing.

Dampbusters (1990) is a community play written and staged by the Easthall Theatre Group. Dampbusters (1990) was performed in Easterhouse during the City of Culture in 1990. The video is available to view on CCA Annex as part of Winnie Herbstein’s exhibition


Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum – Newspaper

This newspaper was produced as part of the exhibition Soot Breath // Corpus Infinitum, 2021, and continues the exploration of the film on how structures of power (colonial, capital, patriarchal etc) utilise and perpetuate categorisation and difference to break inter-subjective bonds and modes of collectivity, as well as authorize violence against the earth.

An image of a stack of Soot Breath Corpus Infinitum A3 publications about 1m in height, under a red light
Art Writing Publication

Small Black Reptile

This is the first issue of a new bi-annual CCA publication. Selection for each issue will vary – submissions are welcomed but the editors will also gather and commission work too. Small Black Reptile is a response to the need for more outlets for critical writing in Scotland.


Soot Breath / Corpus infinitum – Archive

An archive of interviews, essays, songs and fragments to accompany the current exhibition in CCA Glasgow, Soot Breath / Corpus Infinitum. Compiled by Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira da Silva, this body of research expands on and explores the themes and ideas that the film provokes.

white line drawing of upside down triangle with a horizontal line through the bottom of it against navy background
a white line drawing of a upside down triangle against navy background

Soot (Dark Matter)




Glasgow Seed School: Growing food is a radical act

Hear Claire Ratinon in conversation with Martha Adonai Williams about the joy of growing and the legacy of colonialism in horticulture. Over the last year, many of us have turned towards growing our own food.

close up image of plants with a woman seen behind them against a sunset sky
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