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Transfor­mations — Goethe-Institut

Indigenous peoples experience and react to change in diverse ways. Climate change is no exception, as it requires local communities to be more resilient, and not just simply adapt to the changing environmental circumstances. Experts and people from communities living and working in Brazil, Iceland, Berlin, Indonesia and Chile are asked to respond to the theme of ‘transformation’ in this online series. Their strong connections to the land can offer a unique perspective to discuss transformations, not just in their environment, but in their everyday life, customs, families and life experiences. What factors play a role in a community’s capacity to adapt, survive and grow sustainably in the face of change? How do we react to a shock through art, journalism or activism and what kind of transformative processes can become acceptable in the face of the worst-case scenario for our planet?

Video, images and text interact on the online platform CCA Annex, in order to make the inputs more accessible with additional text, translations and imagery available on the website.

The platform allows for experimental formats and secures a higher visibility for the project and this theme as part of COP26. The project also fits in with the exhibition program of the CCA, presenting the photographic work of Sophie Reuter.

A collaboration between Goethe-Institut Brussels & Glasgow as well as the Center for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, part of the event series programmed to accompany the COP26 Festival, taking place in Glasgow 1-12 November 2021.

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