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Was live 1 February 2022




Glasgow Seed School: Seed Stories, Fugitive Ecologies

Christian Keeve Joss Allen

How do stories evolve with seeds? How are they kept? How do they resist capture?

Seeds are deeply entangled with the stories of our bodies, migrations, ecologies and resistances. Their histories trace instances of human adaptation, survival and creativity.

Seed saver and researcher Christian Keeve is fascinated by the popular re-emergence of seedkeeping practices, as well as the errant, furtive and fugitive histories of seed projects in the USA.

As new digital platforms seek to gather and share seed saving knowledge, Christian turns to the contemporary politics of agro-ecology and cooperative geographies to determine their potential for a decentralised and more just food system.

In a relaxed online event, Christian will be in conversation with Skye-based gardener and artworker Joss Allen. Together, they explore how ideas of care, play, knowledge politics and queer futurity mingle in our changing seedscape.

Please note– this event will play through this webpage from 19:00, there is no need to pre-register. Re-fresh the page at 19:00 if by this point the stream has not started.

The recording of the event is below, captions from the live event are available.

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