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Collective Dreaming

Collective Dreaming is a three-part screening and research programme that weaves together Scottish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian moving images and thoughts in search of connection and collective liberation. To coincide with the in-person screenings at the CCA Cinema, we are presenting our research and conversations with artists and art workers in the CCA Annex, expanding the cross-cultural knowledge and experience-sharing beyond our physical location in Glasgow.

Conceived in response to the invasion of Ukraine, the programme aims to question colonial, capitalist, and patriarchal systems of power to make sense of our current reality – a reality that we share, yet all experience from different perspectives. We dreamt of opening ourselves up to new possibilities of thinking, relating and collaborating.

Through conversations with artists and art workers, we explored personal and collective stories and the shape-shifting nature of violence, that participated as a knife, rubber, needle or brakes in the pieces. The conversations explored the in-between position of Eastern Europe in colonialism: issues of belonging through language and friendship, the power dynamics inherent in chosen methodologies, and the possibilities of healing. We believe that art shelters ambiguities of the everyday and can offer ways to open up to the messiness of this world.

Curated by Julija Šilytė & Milda Valiulytė.

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