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Extended Compositions: Defining a visual language of sound — Jennifer Wicks

An extensive body of work that explores visualising sound and incorporates drawing, moving image, sound and sculpture. CCA has worked with Jennifer Wicks over the years, including on Trace out the threads, follow their convulsions, that was performed in the CCA Theatre in December 2018 in collaboration with The One Ensemble. We are delighted to work with Jennifer again in presenting Extended Compositions on CCA Annex.

Extended Compositions is a film, sculpture and sound installation by Glasgow based artist Jennifer Wicks which explores the intersections between music, drawing, film and sculpture and the relationship between sound and image. The original installation incorporated sculpture, moving image and sound and explored the layered and complex liminal space that occurs between film and sound and how the synchronization of sound and image evolves and changes to alter perceptions of time and memory. Over time the audience witnesses sound as a physical, material, and spatial experience until the sound dissolves into the space. However, this can only happen in situ and until the current situation changes live experimental performances can’t take place. Wicks has continued researching and developing the work with the support of Creative Scotland and has been working remotely with musicians Jeremy Ward (Double Bass – BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra) and Alice Allen and Katrina Lee (Violin and Cello – GAIA Duo – Chamber Music Scotland Ensemble in Residence 2019-2021) to create a score for the moving image work and a suite for the graphic notations. Extended Compositions now also reflects on the limitations artists and musicians have faced over the past 12 months and shows how they adapt and change to ensure that they carry on developing ideas and producing work.


17 May 2021



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Re-re-repeat A rhythmic dialogue between sound and image: exploring space, corporeal phenomenology and chance outcomes, which alter perceptions of time and memory. Scored by Wicks initially as graphic notations, then transcribed meticulously onto 16mm film. Moving image work that sit somewhere between drawing, animation and film and made using techniques including punching and drawing directly […]

a serious of repetitive white lines shapes

Sound – Looped and processed violin and synth. Warping time or space around its sound until it becomes a strange refraction of its familiar form. Steel sculptures – 1.5m x 1m x 1m – expanded drawings of graphic notations. Steel, oil paint. Process by abstraction – sound as sculpture. Steel drawings from the original graphic […]

two metal sculptures consisting of various intricate shapes

“To standardise notation is to standardise patterns of thought and the parameters of creativity. Our present abundance of notation is as it should be. It makes differences more clear” – Sylvia Smith. Visual compositions – Exploring the rich intersection between music and drawing that challenge boundaries that define sound and time and explore spatial relationships […]

Abstract geometric line drawing with circles and a band of red
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