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Jennifer Wicks

Glasgow based artist Jennifer Wicks works with moving image, sculpture, sound and music. Her work incorporates themes of memory, nostalgia and loss, and draws on elements of ethnography. Her practice demonstrates her continued interest in the interplay between sound, image and memory to investigate the aesthetics of images, the materiality of film, the use of new and appropriated material and how this subverts meaning and narrative; her installations often explore sound and space and the intersections between the mediums of film and sculpture.

Her work has always been rooted in sound or music and often explores sound as bearer of memory, the phenomenology of sound and image and the visualisation of rhythm. She creates her own scores for moving image work; arrangements composed of recordings made at home and in studio: piano, violin, drums and field recordings – sampled and distorted repeated and looped.

She has a background in music, a BA (Hons) in photography (1997) and a Masters in Fine Art Practice from Glasgow School of Art. She was awarded a Leverhulme funded artists residency (2011-2012) at Glasgow University and has presented work nationally and internationally. Solo and group presentations including: “Extended Compositions” CCA, Glasgow (2021),“Trace out the threads, follow their convulsions”, CCA Glasgow (2018) a collaboration with Scottish-based quartet The One Ensemble, “Between preservation and immanent decay”, Glasgow International (2018); “In September dawns I hardly breath”, Pipe Factory (2017) with Marion Ferguson; Generation Scotland (2014). She has collaborated on various projects in the UK and Berlin with record label Contort Yourself (2014 to present). Collaborations: The One Ensemble (2018- present); record label Contort Yourself (2014-present); “Disturbance of Memory” (2014-present) with artist Marion Ferguson.

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