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Collection Drawing Music Sound

Extended Compositions: Defining a visual language of sound — Jennifer Wicks

An extensive body of work that explores visualising sound and incorporates drawing, moving image, sound and sculpture. CCA has worked with Jennifer Wicks over the years, including on Trace out the threads, follow their convulsions, that was performed in the CCA Theatre in December 2018 in collaboration with The One Ensemble.

a serious of repetitive white lines shapes
three abstract images the middle image consisting of different hues of green, blue, purple, pink and yellow blended against each other. the outside images are the same and consist of different pink hues with bits of light yellow showing through with a series of intricate white shapes appearing through the middle of the pink shape
two metal sculptures consisting of various intricate shapes
Abstract geometric line drawing with circles and a band of red
two symmetrical 2D diamonds composed of unevenly spaced dots with lines coming out from both top and bottom

Re-re-repeat, Jennifer Wicks

Suite for Extended Compositions, GAIA duo Jennifer Wicks

Marks #1 and #2, Jennifer Wicks

Graphic Notations, Jennifer Wicks

Reflections and Refractions: Experiments in Sound and Vision, Sarah Neely


Graphic Notations

“To standardise notation is to standardise patterns of thought and the parameters of creativity. Our present abundance of notation is as it should be. It makes differences more clear” – Sylvia Smith.

Abstract geometric line drawing with circles and a band of red
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