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16mm Film

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Re-re-repeat A rhythmic dialogue between sound and image: exploring space, corporeal phenomenology and chance outcomes, which alter perceptions of time and memory. Scored by Wicks initially as graphic notations, then transcribed meticulously onto 16mm film. Moving image work that sit somewhere between drawing, animation and film and made using techniques including punching and drawing directly […]

a serious of repetitive white lines shapes

Suite for Extended Compositions is an experimental response to six graphic scores composed by Wicks and remotely performed by Cello + Violin duo GAIA. The moving image work that accompanies is 100ft of hand painted 16mm film that was intended for installation and made in February 2020.

three abstract images the middle image consisting of different hues of green, blue, purple, pink and yellow blended against each other. the outside images are the same and consist of different pink hues with bits of light yellow showing through with a series of intricate white shapes appearing through the middle of the pink shape
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