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10 May 2021

Artist Artist






16mm transferred to digital, with sound




Jennifer Wicks

Double Bass Samples

Jeremy Ward


Jennifer Wicks

Sound Composition and Mixing

Jennifer Wicks

Content Warning

Please be aware, this work contains flashing images

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Jennifer Wicks

Re-re-repeat A rhythmic dialogue between sound and image: exploring space, corporeal phenomenology and chance outcomes, which alter perceptions of time and memory.

Scored by Wicks initially as graphic notations, then transcribed meticulously onto 16mm film. Moving image work that sit somewhere between drawing, animation and film and made using techniques including punching and drawing directly onto 16mm film stock serves as a site for exploring the visualisation of rhythm, acoustic phenomena, temporality and the interplay, expansion and disposition of sound, space and time.

400ft of synchronised 16mm films transferred to HD (8 minutes long) – initially intended to be looped and projected with a live score which would have been recorded and played back with the loop of the film. The sound piece (double bass and synth) for this has now been adapted for the purpose of online screening. Wicks worked remotely with Jeremy Ward (Double Bass – BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra) and recorded samples which she has looped and processed to compose this piece.

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