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People and Organisations

Coletivo Turmalina, from Porto Alegre, is a digital quilombo that works with artistic expressions in the visual and sound field proposed by the perspective of black populations. Understanding cultures with African roots as a tool to affirm the identity of a people, it highlights musicality as a mechanism of social resistance, as a response to […]

Periferia Segue Sangrando (Periphery Keeps Bleeding) is it an action, a collective? It is a network of women who live, produce, act and think about the territory and our experiences as peripheral women. It was born in 2015 as a gathering of women in the south of São Paulo and has become a safe space […]

Chama is an artistic collective experiment and new actions/editions are in progress. The objective is to open conversations about how diaspora poetics migrated to different parts of the world and forwarded their codes through the diverse creative expressions of the peoples who survived the slave trade. In the case of CHAMA, creative practises dialogue with […]

Carni – Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena (Black and Indigenous Art Collective). Created in Pernambuco in 2016, CARNI is a group of free artists, communicators, producers, and researchers who met in Recife and the Metropolitan Region to develop spaces for fruition, dissemination, and articulation of dissident imaginaries. CARNI recreates old spaces and prospects for […]

Beyond the post-soviet emerged in 2021 as a non-hierarchical collective, which aims at producing and disseminating knowledge around geographic and cultural regions, previously referred to as ‘post-soviet space’ and ‘post-socialist’ countries. The group approaches research affectively and relies on multiple types of knowledge such as: theoretical knowledge, works of art and fiction, individual and collective […]

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