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Carni – Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena (Black and Indigenous Art Collective). Created in Pernambuco in 2016, CARNI is a group of free artists, communicators, producers, and researchers who met in Recife and the Metropolitan Region to develop spaces for fruition, dissemination, and articulation of dissident imaginaries. CARNI recreates old spaces and prospects for new places for cultural agents who find barriers to the flow of their productions. We understand the need to show spaces and thoughts that reflect the construction of autonomy of these diasporic bodies in the face of adversities placed historically and even today reinforced by the state and private means. Since its foundation, CARNI has encouraged the intersection of artistic languages, both through events and in work proposals, always bringing practices with anti-racist slants. In 2016, CARNI held the 1st Meeting of Black Arts of Pernambuco (EANPE), a forum aimed at opening discussion and reflections on black art in the state. Over the last 3 years, the integrated arts festival Palco Preto has followed the paths indicated by EANPE and articulates real alternatives for development for the people and for the country’s black culture through art. Individually and in groups, the members of the black art collective CARNE work in various artistic segments – dance, visual arts, music, audiovisual, etc – and in various fields of knowledge, such as public management, communication and education. The different expertise are used in favour of democratising the access of black artists and producers to cultural goods and, above all, creative and financial autonomy.

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