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Chama is an artistic collective experiment and new actions/editions are in progress. The objective is to open conversations about how diaspora poetics migrated to different parts of the world and forwarded their codes through the diverse creative expressions of the peoples who survived the slave trade. In the case of CHAMA, creative practises dialogue with everyday sensibilities, evoking ties with places of creation, strengthening and feedback of languages that use sensoriality, perception, the body, orality, and narratives as ways, without forcing colonial processes of translation. Thus, poetry and music – in their various forms of expression throughout the diaspora – find their way to sound systems, DJs, experimental/community radios, soirees, groups, celebrations, and festivities, producing, each migration, new sensory fields for the bodies. Experiences in different languages and languages, which challenge the strategies to implement a universal standard, and propose increasingly complex answers to our existences.

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