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13 June 2023




Linguistic Dreams: in conversation with Agnė Jokšė

Agnė Jokšė Milda Valiulytė Julija Šilytė

This conversation explores friendship, family, storytelling, gender-neutral language, activism and queer feminist networks in Lithuania. As part of her artistic practice, Agnė Jokšė creates proposals for a gender-neutral Lithuanian language, where every noun, pronoun and adjective is traditionally either masculine or feminine. This proposal prompts language users to face inherent linguistic biases and to attune to others. We also touch upon Agnė’s recent moving image piece Dear Friend. The video depicts the author walking across the empty exhibition hall of the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), reading an intimate, autobiographical text interwoven with elements of fiction. The basis of Dear Friend is language and how it unfolds new ways of telling, being and experiencing.

Collective Dreaming is a three-part screening and research programme that weaves together Scottish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian moving images and thoughts in search of connection and collective liberation curated by Julija Šilytė & Milda Valiulytė.

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