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7 February 2022








Unmuted Cave

Sooun Kim

Unmuted Cave available here via CCA Annex was originally exhibited as part of Sooun Kim and Wei Zhang’s Intermedia Gallery exhibition that ran from 19 August — 17 September 2021. Wei Zhang’s The Avulsed Rabbit, 2021 is also available on CCA Annex.

Sooun Kim is a multidisciplinary visual artist with a background in music, painting and sculpture, and has more recently expanded his practice to incorporate video and installation art. His work is interested in hybrid cultures that iterate from the effects of post-colonialism and cultural imperialism. His 2019 film “Yellow Fever”, marked the beginning of this auto-ethnographic journey, produced through collecting his grandfather’s biography, his own lived experience, synthesised alongside records of historical Korean independence activists to recover a personal cultural identity and resist unconscious colonisation.

His practice is characterised by an interest in popular culture, and includes audio-visual reflections of his temporal existence as a South Korean migrant where the past and present intersect. Consciously unpredictable, Kim uses image and sound to play with viewer expectations simultaneously seducing and repulsing – bending genre to create an undefinable hybrid.

Unmuted Cave (2021) represents the sense of isolation borne both from Sooun Kim’s experiences of racism as a Korean person living in Glasgow and his research into the Korea Town conflict during the 1992 LA Riots. Kim creates his own virtual world as a heterotopic space to reflect on his reality of invisible isolation. Reminding viewers of the existence of racial, ethnic, and national diversity within the 3D modelling realm.


Born Beneath, 2021 was exhibited alongside Unmuted Cave with the preview trailer is available below.

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