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Rooted in Glasgow
Pratibha Parmar

Representation is important.

That’s why I’ve included these two lovely films based in Glasgow!
Happening both in-house on 14th October at our lovely cinema in the CCA and if you would rather watch it at home it will be available to watch here from the 14th till the 17th of October.

P.S don’t listen to the critics, they just haven’t checked their unconscious bias and don’t know how to have fun! And apologies in advance for the bindis on white people, that part hasn’t aged well!


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Content Warning: PG-13 - Some Sexual Content

Bhangra Jig (1990)
A young South Asian woman walks through the city of Glasgow, reflecting on the colonial opulence around her in what was once the largest city in the British Empire. This short film disrupts dominant notions of European culture and offers a new perspective of what constitutes national cultures and identities.

    Nina’s Heavenly Delights (2006)
    Told through the eyes of Nina Shah, a young Scottish South Asian woman on a quest to save her deceased father’s restaurant. A surprising love story combining both Scottish humour and Bollywood spectacle, this quintessentially Glaswegian film will definitely warm your heart and make you chuckle.


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