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People and Organisations

Christian Keeve is a PhD student in Geography at the University of Kentucky. A seed saver and chaotic gardener, they’re fascinated by the everyday more-than-human sorts of relations and cooperative practices behind seed conservation and plant breeding. Their research concerns in situ agrobiodiversity conservation, or the things that people do (or don’t do) with seeds, […]

Joss Allen can be found at the edges of the garden, amongst the weeds and compost heaps. He is an artworker and amateur gardener exploring how creative practices can shape earthy politics, community economies and ecological ways of being. His work has been influenced by his time as a support worker for adults with autism, […]

Reuben Jentink is a graduate student at Simon Fraser University. For nearly a decade, he worked with Hum: a free university-level educational program with residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (the epicentre of Canada’s opioid and housing crises). His work examines gardens, both public and private at a variety of scales, as educational sites that configure […]

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