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EhChO is a toolbox and an archive, a forum and a strategy, an invitation for study, initiated in April 2020 by Denise Ferreira da Silva, Valentina Desideri and Amilcar Packer. It was launched in June of the same year having Diego Crux and Giovanna Andreotti as part of the team, and in 2021, Ana Lira and Camila Rocha Campos also joined the initiative. EhChO is a collaboration between the Social Justice Institute-UBC, the Critical + Creative Social Justice Cluster-UBC, Living Commons Collective and Oficina de Imaginação Política. It is a collaboration with organisations and individual artists or collectives of artists, activists and academics. The objective is to support, foster, and disseminate works that expose how the COVID-19 pandemic highlights and reinforces long-seated colonial, social, and racial inequities in Brazil. It facilitates material support needed for the production, translation, circulation, and study of artistic and critical works that would not be possible otherwise.

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