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Artist Curator

Adam Lewis Jacob

Adam Lewis Jacob is an artist, filmmaker and curator who is interested in reanimating dead ideas. Recent films have focused on counter cultural figures such as the anarchist cartoonist Donald Rooum, Wildcat and  the politically empowering benefits of learning to make films together via the Birmingham Trade Union Resource Centre, People Meeting in a Room.

Artist Curator

Alaya Ang

Alaya Ang is an artist and associate curator at the CCA. Alaya is currently running a 1-year residency and research programme Confluence with the CCA and LE18 Marrakech exploring the politics and poetics of water in an effort to bring in multiple contextual understandings around water as a political, historical and economic substance.


Alex Toland

Dr. Alex Toland is dean of studies and professor for arts and research at the Bauhaus University Weimar, where she directs the Ph.D. programme in art and design. She was recently elected chair of the international IUSS Commission on the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Soil Science and has published widely on artistic contributions to soil protection.

Curator Writer

Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe

Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe is a curator and writer based in London. She is currently the archive researcher at Four Corners and the Jo Spence Memorial Library Archive at Birkbeck University, where she is also a PhD candidate working on a dissertation British documentary photography of the 1970s and ‘80s.

Aline Juárez

Aline Juárez is a Mexican filmmaker based in Berlin. She has participated in various artistic projects, mostly dealing with marginalised communities or the migrant diaspora in Europe and Latin America.


Aman Sandhu

Aman Sandhu is an artist based between Glasgow and Montréal. Through a study of improvisation, he aims to rethink the place of refusal in critique to produce other ways of coming to knowledge.

Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson is a visual artist and writer whose writing and art is often about the social and natural histories of the Highlands of Scotland. Thomson’s work lies at the overlap of the human and the more-than-human, the seen and the unseen, and the visible and invisible things that tie us all through movement, geography and time.



Anti-cool is a Liverpool based artist, originally from Japan. Her background is in performance and visual art. Social systems and how peoples’ lives are influenced by our globalised society often feature as central themes.

Bálint Révész

  Balint Revesz is a director and creative producer from Hungary. He’s the founder of the London based Gallivant Film collective focusing on international co-productions. He is a long term collaborator of the Budapest based Elf Pictures production house and distributor.

Beth Bramich

Beth Bramich is a writer living in London. She has contributed to Art Monthly, Frieze and Afterall Online, and regularly collaborates with artists on films, exhibitions, events and publications. In 2019 she joined the working group for the ‘Feminist Duration Reading Group’, co-organising an ongoing programme of workshops and discussions.

CCA Staff

Beulah Ezeugo

Beulah Ezeugo is an Igbo artist, curator, and researcher currently based in Glasgow. Her work centres Black postcolonial dreaming using collective memory and myth. Her practice is informed by a Social Science background from University College Dublin and an MLitt in Curatorial Practice from Glasgow School of Art and the University of Glasgow.



Carni - Coletivo de Arte Negra e Indígena (Black and Indigenous Art Collective). Created in Pernambuco in 2016, CARNI is a group of free artists, communicators, producers, and researchers who met in Recife and the Metropolitan Region to develop spaces for fruition, dissemination, and articulation of dissident imaginaries.



Chama is an artistic collective experiment and new actions/editions are in progress. The objective is to open conversations about how diaspora poetics migrated to different parts of the world and forwarded their codes through the diverse creative expressions of the peoples who survived the slave trade.

Chelsea Qammaniq

Chelsea Qammaniq is 23 years old, lives and works in Mittimatalik, Nunavut.


Christian Noelle Charles

Christian Noelle Charles is that Black contemplative visual practitioner based in Glasgow, Scotland. A Syracuse, New Yorker, Christian’s work is an exploration of female representation and self-love in a contemporary world.


Claire Ratinon

Claire Ratinon is an organic food grower and writer based in East Sussex. She has grown produce for the Ottolenghi restaurant, Rovi and delivered workshops to schools and community centres. She has written a book about edible container gardening, How to Grow Your Dinner Without Leaving the House, and recently co-authored a pamphlet for Rough Trade


Coletivo Turmalina

Coletivo Turmalina, from Porto Alegre, is a digital quilombo that works with artistic expressions in the visual and sound field proposed by the perspective of black populations. Understanding cultures with African roots as a tool to affirm the identity of a people, it highlights musicality as a mechanism of social resistance, as a response to the state violence, appropriation and erasure of a history.

Artist Writer

Denise Ferreira Da Silva

Denise Ferreira Da Silva is Professor and Director of the Social Justice Institute-GRSJ at the University of British Columbia. Her work addresses the ethico-political challenges of the global present. She is the author of Toward a Global Idea of Race ( 2007), A Dívida Impagavel (2019), Unpayable Debt (2021) and co-editor (with Paula Chakravartty) of Race, Empire, and the Crisis of the Subprime (2013).


EhChO is a toolbox and an archive, a forum and a strategy, an invitation for study, initiated in April 2020 by Denise Ferreira da Silva, Valentina Desideri and Amilcar Packer. It was launched in June of the same year having Diego Crux and Giovanna Andreotti as part of the team, and in 2021, Ana Lira and Camila Rocha Campos also joined the initiative.


Elizabeth Hoover

Elizabeth Hoover is a gardener, beadworker, fancyshawl dancer, and an associate professor in Environmental Science, Policy and Management at UC Berkeley. Her first book The River is In Us: Fighting Toxics in a Mohawk Community is an ethnographic exploration of Akwesasne Mohawks’ response to Superfund contamination and environmental health research.


GAIA duo

Gaia are Alice Allen and Katrina Lee. A cello and violin duo dedicated to championing the work of unheard and unseen female composers of the past. Their experiences as professional classical musicians led them to question whether the patriarchal conventions of their industry deny women creative privilege, and to look back at the history of these traditions.


The Goethe Institute Glasgow organises and supports a broad spectrum of cultural events. It provides a stage in Scotland for the German art scene and for intercultural exchanges. Their language department offers German language courses & exams, as well as workshops and seminars for teachers of German.


Hannah Brazil

Hannah Brazil is a passionate seed saver, freelance facilitator and is currently finishing an MSc in Medical and Environmental Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research and work revolve around human-nature (dis)connection and planetary health, focussing on regenerative culture, seed saving and the stories we tell of who we are in relation to nature.


Hannan Jones

Hannan Jones is an artist born on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja, Western Australia of Algerian and Welsh origin, who is based in Glasgow. Her practice deep dives into language, rhythms, identity and psycho-geography in response to cultural and social migration.


Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh is an artist working in a range of media including performance, video, photography, learning and social arts practice. Offeh is interested in the space created by the inhabiting or embodying of histories.


Harvey Dimond

Harvey Dimond is a British-Barbadian writer and researcher living and working between Athens and Glasgow. They work with the intersecting histories and trajectories of the climate crisis, anti-Blackness and queerphobia.


Holly White

Holly White is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow. Recent solo exhibitions include Cordova, Barcelona; Almanac, Turin; and Jupiter Woods, London, and her work has been included in group presentations at Tate Britain, Bologna Museum of Modern Art, Serpentine Galleries and David Roberts Art Foundation.

Ian Sergeant

Ian Sergeant has an MA in Contemporary Curatorial Practice from the School of Art, Birmingham City University. He is a Midlands 3 Cities AHRC funded PhD researcher at Birmingham City University. His practice-based research is titled Visual Representations and Cultural (Re) Constructions of Black British Masculinities in 21st Century Birmingham.


Jennifer Wicks

Glasgow based artist Jennifer Wicks works with moving image, sculpture, sound and music. Her work incorporates themes of memory, nostalgia and loss, and draws on elements of ethnography. Her practice demonstrates her continued interest in the interplay between sound, image and memory to investigate the aesthetics of images, the materiality of film, the use of new and appropriated material and how this subverts meaning and narrative; her installations often explore sound and space and the intersections between the mediums of film and sculpture.


Jenny Brownrigg

Jenny Brownrigg is a curator, writer and exhibitions director at The Glasgow School of Art.


Jeremy Ward

Since 2002 Jeremy became a member of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. He performs regularly with them including their Proms series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, Tectonics festival of contemporary music as well as regular concerts across Scotland and tours around the world.

Joey Simons

Joey Simons is a writer, researcher, Worker’s Educational Association tutor and tenant union activist from Glasgow. His practice challenges the dominant material and ideological structures of historical production by addressing suppressed aspects of working class history and using this as a basis for deepening political militancy today.


John Akomfrah

John Akomfrah, CBE is a British artist, writer, film director, screenwriter, theorist and curator. He is a founder member of Black Audio Film Collective makers of the seminalHandsworth Songs (1986), along with producers David Lawson and Lina Gopaul.

Activisit Writer

Juan Donoso

Juan Donoso is a Climate Justice organizer, campaigner and writer based in Berlin. He seeks fresh dialogues between anti-capitalist movements and community building, operating “from below”, and facilitating interactions between a wide range of solidarity networks.

CCA Staff

Katie O’Grady

Katie O’Grady is a curator living and working in Glasgow. She is currently studying her Masters in Curatorial Practice (Contemporary Art) jointly at the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow.


Keith Piper

Keith Piper is a British based artist and academic. His creative practice responds to specific social and political issues, historical relationships and geographical sites. Adopting a research driven approach, and using a variety of media, his work has ranged from painting, through photography and installation to a use of digital media, video and computer-based interactivity.

Kendra King

Kendra King is 19 years old, lived and worked in Iqaluit, Nunavut, now resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

Magnus Davidson

Magnus is a Research Associate with the University of the Highlands and Island’s Environmental Research Institute, based in Thurso, Scotland’s most northerly mainland town. A native of the Highlands his work focusses on setting out a new vision for 21st rural Scotland which works for both people and nature and reverses centuries of depopulation and ecological degradation.

Organisation Director

Melanie Keen

Melanie Keen is Director of Wellcome Collection, a free museum and library in London which aims to challenge how we all think and feel about health. Prior to joining in October 2019, she was Director and Chief Curator at Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts), where she was instrumental in the revitalisation of Iniva’s mission and vision by making the library collection its creative hub.


Mike Phillips

Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at University of Plymouth, and the Director of Research at, an Open Research Lab for playful experimentation with creative technology. His R&D orbits a portfolio of projects that explore the ubiquity of data ‘harvested’ from an instrumentalised world and its potential as a material for revealing things that lie outside our normal frames of reference - things so far away, so close, so massive, so small and so ad infinitum.

Norman Jiwan

Norman Jiwan a Kerambai Dayak from West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) is an NGO activist who has worked for the Indonesian NGO, SawitWatch, a watchdog group that tracks the palm oil industry in the region since .

Peter Lucassie

Peter Lucassie is 25 years old, lives and works in Kinngait, Nunavut.


Pirita Näkkäläjärvi

Pirita Näkkäläjärvi is a Sámi with a unique profile combining high-profile international business career and indigenous rights advocacy. She works as a Director at EY-Parthenon. Pirita is an elected member of the Sámi Parliament in Finland and a member of the Inari municipal council from the Greens’ list (ind.).


Rachel Armstrong

Rachel Armstrong is Professor of Regenerative Architecture at the Department of Architecture | Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Ghent/Brussels, KU Leuven. Her work is characterised by design thinking as a fusion element for interdisciplinary expertise and pioneers the field of “living” architecture that materially and technologically directly engages the potency of life within spatial agendas.


Rolf Hughes

Rolf Hughes is a prose poet with a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from UEA. Currently Professor in the Epistemology of Design-led Research at KU Leuven, Belgium, he is a member of the Experimental Architecture Group, whose work has been exhibited at biennales and exhibitions internationally, and published by Bloomsbury, Routledge, Springer, and Punctum Books.


Shamica Ruddock

Shamica Ruddock is a research-led artist working often between sound, text, moving image and installation. Considering the ways Black diasporas are engaged and explored through sound, whilst meditating on sound culture and the interface between race and technology, Shamica has been particularly interested in how black technosonic production functions as a form of speculation, narrativising and worldmaking.


Sooun Kim

Sooun Kim is a multidisciplinary visual artist working through music, painting and sculpture, more recently expanding his visual language to include video and installation. He is interested in hybrid cultures that iterate from the effects of post-colonialism and cultural imperialism.


​Svetlana Romanova

Svetlana Romanova was born in Yakutsk, Russia and studied visual arts in Los Angeles. She has received her BFA at Otis College of Art and Design, and MFA at California Institute of the Arts. From 2009 to 2014, she lived and worked in arts education in California.

Tero Mustonen

Council Member with special responsibility for Northern Europe and Russia. Based in Finland. Dr. Tero Mustonen, a passionate defender of traditional worldview and cosmology of his people, is a Finn and head of the village of Selkie in North Karelia, Finland.


Tiziana Terranova

Tiziana Terranova is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies and Digital Media in the Department of Human and Social Sciences at the Università degli Studi di Napoli ‘L’Orientale’, Italy . She has written and lectured extensively on the political implications of digital networks and information technologies.


Transformative Justice Praxis Research Project

Transformative Justice Praxis Research Project is a concept of global ethics that recognizes the epistemological and political dimensions of global subjugation. It is supported by the multiversal, which is a black feminist method that acknowledges differences while recognizing the entanglement of histories and geographies, as well as embodied experiences of violence and ethical indifference.


Tuomas Aslak Juuso

Tuomas Aslak Juuso or Gáijjot Ánte Issáha Duommá was born in Lahti February 7, 1985. Juuso has grown up both in Lahti and Karesuvanto but has attended to elementary school mainly in Lahti. Juuso completed vocational degree in Reindeer Husbandry Entrepreneurship in Sámi Education Institute in Toivoniemi, Kaamanen.

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang (b. 1991, China) currently lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a filmmaker and visual artist working between moving images, performance, and installation. Zhang explores the hybridity, intersectionality, and transnationality of Queer theory by connecting it with post-colonial theory and classic Asian philosophy.

Broadcaster DJ

Zakia Sewell

Zakia Sewell is a broadcaster, writer and DJ from London. She presents and produces podcasts and radio documentaries on arts, history and culture for the likes of BBC Radio 3 and 4, Tate, Resident Advisor and Boiler Room and hosts a weekly Saturday morning show on NTS Radio, playing spiritual jazz, folk, dub and other

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