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Gender-based violence and environment linkages;, the violence of inequality, Itzá Castañeda Camey, Laura Sabater, Cate Owren and A. Emmett Boyer Jamie Wen, editor, 2020

On the Balinese Character, Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead, 1942

Hortense Spillars interview with Arjuna Neuman and Denise Ferreira Da Silva

Audio Transcript

Diana Travassos Alves discusses Terra Preta: anthropogenic soils which are spread out over the Amazon. This type of dark, fertile soil results from millennia of interaction of native Amazonian peoples with the environment and is a legacy of their lives and culture.

Newton Falcone, an academic studying soil fertility and plant nutrition talks about his research and work with Terra Preta; ‘Amazonian dark earth’.

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