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Poems should echo and re-echo against each other. They should create resonances. They cannot live alone, anymore than we can. – Jack Spicer Our culture sees anyone at an economic, social or psychological vortex as a figure of despair. Despair informs all social dealings with them. It is impossible to show this despair is part […]

I   Fear like rust bones are not burnt are you on the side of life or are you on the side of death the woman asks two police officers protecting the military site with their black teeth nerve-severing barbed wire it’s a simple question I wake embedded as a splinter in a forest a […]

The picture of me is a smile dancing on earth, giggling to the earthworms and pansies, possibly psychedelically high. I don’t know how long I have been here, or why every time my friend touches my hand, my laughter starts again. In this pose I am equally breathing in and equally breathing out. Soil is […]

Collected in one corner of the house we live in (whatever house that is at the time) is an archive of all the things we must not forget. We made it because we have lost almost everything we ever had – possessed, controlled, held, felt sure of. Long strips of paper spell out timelines of […]

My feet were going. As I heard the long voicenote I realized it wasn’t the world slipping on its axis, but black ice, impossible to see in this light ending and sliding out of the bright plughole. I stood just there by the Polish shop and out of the window of the world came a […]

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